We love our clients and our social media followers, so we thought we would give you all a little treat to close out another amazing wedding season. And what better treat than some pet photography?!

Pets are family members so they deserve their rightful spot next to brides and grooms on their wedding day. But those pet pictures don’t always make the final cut when we post our blogs. Why, you may ask? Good question. We clearly have to start re-evaluating our priorities because pet pictures should be #1 on that list. Pets are people too!

Anyway, this whole blog post is just a bunch of pictures of pets all gussied up for their moms’ & dads’ weddings. We could write more about it but we know you guys don’t care about the words. You just want to see those dogs in bow-ties. So without further adieu, check out the cuteness overload below.


We can’t get enough of the pet pictures so here’s hoping there will be lots more to share next year.

Thank you to all of our 2017 brides and grooms for such a memorable wedding season!




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