It’s a very rainy day here in St. John’s (not surprising – I know!) so I find myself sitting back and thinking about another rainy day that happened last June. That rainy day was Geraldine and Justin’s wedding day, and it was probably one of the best times I’ve had shooting a wedding.

Before I get into their wedding details, let’s talk about the rain for a minute. Stormy weather on a wedding day can seriously dampen the mood and lower excitement levels if you let it. And it can be hard not to let it affect you…it can change some of the plans you have for that one very special day you’ve put so much work into. But my biggest advice to you (and I’ve written posts about this before as it’s something that comes up a lot as a Newfoundland wedding photographer) is to just take it all in, and then remember that you’re about to marry your person and – rain or shine – that’s a truly awesome thing. As long as you focus on the love, the rest will get figured out. Okay, that sounds terribly cheesy, but in this case it is true!

Geraldine and Justin didn’t let the rain phase them one bit. Instead of finding some indoor locations for photos, they decided it would be more fun to risk it and not let the rain change any of their plans. They had a first look on Signal Hill followed by a picnic in the Battery, and the weather slacked off just enough to let them sit out on a blanket, share some food, and enjoy a glass of wine to toast the very special occasion. After the picnic we hiked a little further through the Battery so Geraldine and Justin could have a dance overlooking the harbour below. Then we made our way to Moo Moo’s for some ice cream before continuing on our downtown photo adventure. We ended that adventure at Merchant Tavern where Geraldine and Justin shared a beer before heading to their ceremony.


Geraldine is a chef, so she wanted to have a “foodie” themed wedding. She incorporated herbs into her bouquet and decor (which I thought was the coolest idea!), and of course they wanted to have the wedding at a venue with a menu fit for foodies. They chose Mallard Cottage and I can’t think of a better spot for the occasion!

After having a beer at Merchant, we all made our way to Mallard, where both the ceremony and reception were being held. The ceremony was very intimate and incredibly beautiful.

The ceremony was followed by lots of delicious food and drinks. Instead of having a wedding cake, Geraldine and Justin opted for the delectable desserts that are handmade at Mallard Cottage. They were a big hit!

Geraldine and Justin have an adorable little stuffed animal that they take with them whenever they travel, so he made an appearance at their wedding. It was such a cute addition to their wedding decor!

After eating some of the best food St. John’s has to offer, Geraldine and Justin danced the night away with their family and friends to music of The Masterless Men.

Before we ended our night with Geraldine and Justin, we had to do one last thing. Probably the greatest perk of having a very rainy day on your wedding is that you can get some pretty epic photos out of it. So we went outside in the pouring rain and took some very cool shots of Geraldine and Justin being happy, in love, and soaking wet!

Thank you Geraldine and Justin for choosing us to photograph your wedding day. It was so great to follow you around with cameras as you both enjoyed a relaxed, casual, love-filled, rainy day.

I wish you both a lifetime filled with happiness, delicious food and lots of traveling!

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