I’ve never met a groom quite like Danny.

All day, I could tell – the little glances, the forehead kisses, the sly smiles.

He was totally, completely, head over heels in love.

This wedding was a long time coming – Ashley and Danny have been friends since they were kids, and their wedding was a true celebration of love. All weddings are beautiful, and I get a little emotional pretty much every weekend, but when you witness relationships like this come together, it’s really a great thing. I’ll let the photos tell the story of the day and touch base when needed . . .
grand-falls-wedding-1 grand-falls-wedding-2 grand-falls-wedding-3 grand-falls-wedding-4 grand-falls-wedding-5 grand-falls-wedding-6 grand-falls-wedding-7 grand-falls-wedding-8 grand-falls-wedding-9 grand-falls-wedding-10 grand-falls-wedding-11
grand-falls-wedding-14 grand-falls-wedding-15 grand-falls-wedding-16 grand-falls-wedding-17

Ceremony and reception were held at the Grand Falls Golf Club, with decor by Spotlight events – always wows me! grand-falls-wedding-18 grand-falls-wedding-19 grand-falls-wedding-20 grand-falls-wedding-21 grand-falls-wedding-22
grand-falls-wedding-25grand-falls-wedding-23 grand-falls-wedding-26 grand-falls-wedding-27 grand-falls-wedding-28 grand-falls-wedding-29 grand-falls-wedding-30 grand-falls-wedding-31

After the ceremony, we went for a little jaunt to the boat launch in Grand Falls for some relaxed portraits with the bridal party. grand-falls-wedding-32 grand-falls-wedding-33 grand-falls-wedding-34 grand-falls-wedding-35 grand-falls-wedding-36 grand-falls-wedding-37
grand-falls-wedding-38 grand-falls-wedding-39 grand-falls-wedding-40 grand-falls-wedding-41 grand-falls-wedding-42 grand-falls-wedding-43 grand-falls-wedding-44 grand-falls-wedding-45 grand-falls-wedding-46 grand-falls-wedding-47

We made sure to take a moment to go visit Ashley’s grandparents, who couldn’t make it to the wedding. I love this photo of the two couples walking – tells such a great story about lifelong love. grand-falls-wedding-48 grand-falls-wedding-49

Afterwards, we made a little stop at the Grand Falls house gardens to practice their first dance. grand-falls-wedding-50 grand-falls-wedding-51 grand-falls-wedding-52 grand-falls-wedding-53 grand-falls-wedding-54 grand-falls-wedding-55 grand-falls-wedding-56 grand-falls-wedding-57 grand-falls-wedding-58 grand-falls-wedding-59 grand-falls-wedding-60 grand-falls-wedding-61 grand-falls-wedding-62 grand-falls-wedding-63 grand-falls-wedding-64 grand-falls-wedding-65 grand-falls-wedding-66 grand-falls-wedding-67 grand-falls-wedding-68 grand-falls-wedding-69 grand-falls-wedding-70 grand-falls-wedding-71 grand-falls-wedding-72 grand-falls-wedding-73

After the supper was finished, we took a few minutes to explore the grounds at the golf course. My favourite photos from the day! grand-falls-wedding-74 grand-falls-wedding-75

grand-falls-wedding-78 grand-falls-wedding-79
grand-falls-wedding-81 grand-falls-wedding-82 grand-falls-wedding-83 grand-falls-wedding-84 grand-falls-wedding-85 grand-falls-wedding-86 grand-falls-wedding-87 grand-falls-wedding-88 grand-falls-wedding-89 grand-falls-wedding-90 grand-falls-wedding-91

grand-falls-wedding-1-2 grand-falls-wedding-2-2


Ashley and Danny, thank you both so much for choosing us as your photographers! We had so much fun and wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

xo, Alex


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