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As wedding photographers, we have seen our fair share of wedding venues across the island. Because we spend almost every weekend at different wedding locations around Newfoundland, a lot of people ask us what our favourite venues are. So we thought we would share that information on the blog for any future brides and grooms out there who are trying to narrow down their search. So here goes! Our top five favourite wedding venues in Newfoundland:


Why we love it: We love Raymond’s for a lot of different reasons. The food is mouth-watering, of course. The restaurant is very classy and has elegant decor, which means that you don’t really have to do much in terms of decorating to make it wedding ready. The staff provides exceptional customer service. They will do whatever needs to be done to ensure that you have the best day possible for your wedding. We also love the location of the restaurant. You’re right on the St. John’s harbour. And to top things off, they have a deck out back that overlooks the harbour. So you can go out there at sunset for some incredible photos, or have your first dance overlooking the water. It’s a very romantic location, and it’s the kind of place where you won’t have a lot of worries on your big day. You can have both your ceremony and reception there.

Things to keep in mind: This is a smaller venue so it probably wouldn’t work if you are planning a bigger wedding. It is perfect for intimate ceremonies and receptions with 50 people or less! This venue is  not wheelchair accessible.


Why we love it: We really love the atmosphere of Yellowbelly. It makes for a great rustic wedding venue. All the brick with some twinkling lights can be very romantic. It’s also super cool that we can go up to the next level and shoot photos from a birds eye view. That makes for great ceremony and first dance photos! Yellowbelly is an excellent location in downtown St. John’s. It’s really close to a lot of amazing photoshoot locations so if you need to slip away between ceremony and reception you can get a lot of variety for your photos in a shorter amount of time. We also love the food and beer! One great thing about getting married in a brewery is, of course, the delicious beer. They also have really cool options like a late-night pizza station, and we love Yellowbelly pizza. This is another venue where you can have your ceremony and reception. And to top it all off, the staff are excellent and provide amazing service to you and your guests on your wedding day.

Things to keep in mind: Yellowbelly isn’t wheelchair accessible.


Why we love it: Probably the greatest thing about Mallard (and there are so many!) is the location. You can’t really beat a venue that is nestled within the heart of a historic fishing village in downtown St. John’s. The scenery is breathtaking and makes for some amazing photos. It’s also super close to downtown so it’s easy to slip away to get some photos elsewhere, like Signal Hill. The food is amazing and won’t disappoint anyone. Their dessert table is to die for. The staff is wonderful and super friendly. This is a great venue if you want to have an intimate, Newfie-themed wedding! And, again, you can have your ceremony and reception here. It’s a one stop shop!

Things to keep in mind: It is a smaller venue so it wouldn’t work for someone hoping to have a bigger wedding. It’s perfect for a wedding of 40-80 people.


Why we love it: When you get married at the Doctor’s House it feels like you’re on a country-side vacation but you don’t have to travel very far out of town to get there. If you’re having a more intimate wedding, everyone could spend the weekend at the Doctor’s House and you could make a fun weekend out of it. The grounds are HUGE and provide a very big variety of scenery for your wedding photos. There is a beautiful garden, a forest with a boardwalk, the ocean, and the list goes on. Basically, any sort of nature backdrop you want for wedding photos is there at your disposal. There are animals around that you can pet, like adorable goats. The barn is a beautiful venue for a rustic themed wedding. When it’s lit up at night it’s very dreamy looking. You can have your ceremony outside in the gardens and then have your reception in the barn, or any combination of that, so there are lots of choices.

Things to keep in mind: The Doctor’s House is about an hour outside of town, but there are lots of places to stay in the area (including the Doctor’s House of course!)


Why we love it: Fogo Island Inn is super classy. You really wouldn’t need to lay out a single decoration to make this venue look ready for a wedding. You could get married in the restaurant next to the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the shore. The hotel is exquisite. The customer service is impeccable. You will feel like royalty while you’re there. The food is amazing! It’s a great place to host both your ceremony and reception (a common theme amongst our fav venues).  Fogo has such a rugged beauty to it that would make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Overall, it’s a very high-class experience and would make for an unforgettable wedding day.

Things to keep in mind: It’s a bit of an excursion to get there – you have to take a ferry. So you can turn your Fogo Island wedding into a little Newfoundland destination wedding.


We love these venues and the amazing weddings they host! If you’re interested in seeing more photos from these venues and all the other great venues we have shot at across Newfoundland, take a look back through our blog. Viewing photos from past weddings is always a great way to get a feel for what a venue will look like on your big day!

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