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We love love. Which is probably obvious because we chose to be wedding photographers for a living. But nothing makes us happier than showing up to shoot someone’s wedding and being able to feel all the love as soon as you walk into a room. We certainly felt that in July when we drove to Embree to shoot Kara and Mackenzie’s backyard wedding. Kara and Mackenzie were beaming and glowing every single time they looked at each other, and it was obvious that their family and friends were feeling that same affection and contentedness. It was a very happy day in Embree.

 Here are some of our favourite highlights of Kara and Mackenzie’s wedding day:

This is probably one of our favourite groom outfits that we’ve ever shot. So classy!


The ceremony was held in a family friend’s backyard, which is conveniently located right on the ocean and makes for a perfectly picturesque wedding location.

How cute is this?!

It’s Newfoundland, so of course it started raining during the ceremony. But that’s okay! Kara and Mackenzie weren’t phased by it because they weren’t going to let a bit of wet hair get in the way of celebrating the love they have for each other. And we think the rain and umbrellas make for some beautiful wedding photos.

Not ones to shy away from a bit of adventure on their wedding day, Kara and Mackenzie decided to go for a romantic canoe ride. We can’t get over how beautiful a scene they created for their wedding photos by just taking the time to do something they enjoy doing together on their wedding day. It was so intimate, relaxing and fun. And it looks like a scene straight out of The Notebook.

We had so much fun on our little adventure to Embree to share in the wedding celebrations of Kara and Mackenzie. It was a beautiful, wet, fun, and love-filled day! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

If you’re planning on having a destination wedding, you may be trying to decide between hiring a resort photographer or bringing a photographer with you from home. It might seem simple and therefore like the more attractive option to just hire a photographer that the resort can provide for you, but there are a number of things to keep in mind before making that decision. Here’s a list of the top five reasons we think you should bring a photographer with you to capture your destination wedding:

1. You can take a photographer you know and trust. Capturing your wedding day is a very important task, and you want to feel a peace of mind that you have the right person or team behind the lens. It’s a gamble to leave it up to a resort photographer you don’t know and may not be able to trust with your wedding memories.

2. There can be hidden costs involved with resort photographers. Lots of packages for resort photography are advertised as free or part of your all-inclusive wedding package.  That can be super enticing, but there are often hidden costs that aren’t advertised, and you might get a shock when you get the final bill. You might have to pay extra for a number of reasons: photo editing, wanting more photos than the bundle allows, extra fees to get your final images released to you, spending extra if a photographer sticks around a little longer. It could end up being cheaper to hire a photographer to travel with you, plus you know you’re getting photos that you will love.

3. You get what you pay for. If you bring your own photographer you will get a lot more out of your wedding package. More photos, more coverage on the wedding day, many hours of edits, full printing rights, and no worries about your photos being released to you after your wedding.

4. If you bring a photographer with you, they are going to be far more dedicated to providing the amazing service you deserve on your wedding day. They are going on a week-long trip with you, so they will feel a more personal connection with you than a photographer that shows up the morning of your wedding. They will work their hardest to capture your memories in a style that you love.

5. You know what you’re going to get. When you bring a photographer with you from home, you’ve met that photographer before your big day and approve of their professionalism and skills. You can meet up for coffee or a drink to discuss all of your wedding day plans and expectations. You can get together for an engagement shoot which gives you a chance to get to know each other better and become more comfortable in front of the camera. They will be there for you to provide advice leading up to your wedding. You know their portfolio and their style. There’s a really long list of pros for this one because it all adds up to a better experience for everyone.

The resort will provide you with portfolios of their wedding photographers that might be very nice, but you won’t be guaranteed a specific photographer for your wedding day. Resorts have numerous photographers working for them and you might not have seen the portfolio of your resort photographer or know what their skill level is.

As an example of what you can get when you bring your own photographer, here are some photos from our week in Riviera Maya, Mexico to capture Teri and Joe’s beautiful destination wedding:


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In light of last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia, we wanted to share a few thoughts with our followers. It deeply saddens us to see such hatred persisting throughout the United States and the world. It is not okay to deem someone less worthy of life, love, or liberty based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ability. We are all equal.

At Alex Stead Photography we think it’s important that our values shape our business. And one thing we deeply value is love – in all forms.  Love is powerful. Love is uplifting. Love is something that every single person on this planet deserves to feel and be a part of. We will not tolerate hate. We will speak up when we witness hatred and discrimination. And we will continue capturing the love and the joy that we see here in this province and everywhere we visit around the world.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – Martin Luther King Jr.

With love,

Alex & Alex