We love New Year’s Eve weddings. No other date in the calendar has the built-in hype that New Year’s Eve does. Most people want to dress up fancy and attend a glamorous party. A lot of people want to be surrounded by friends so they can count down to midnight together and dance their way into the new year.

And let’s be real for a minute, expectations for New Year’s Eve are often really high, which can make it hard to finalize plans for the evening. Sometimes it seems easier to just stay home on the couch and watch the Quidi Vidi fireworks on NTV, but then you’re sitting at home wishing you were partying with your friends and loved ones.

So when you choose New Year’s Eve as your wedding date, you’re giving your friends and family that VIP party they really wanted to attend (and a great reason to change out of their lounge pants). They now have solid New Year’s Eve plans! Plans to attend a party that won’t be disappointing because they get to celebrate the fact that their loved ones are getting married! And they get to celebrate the end of another year with friends and champagne!

So if you’re planning a New Year’s Eve wedding, you know that your guests are going to show up ready for a good time. They will be feeling celebratory (and they probably won’t have to work the next day), so chances are there will be even more partying than usual.

But how do you provide that fun New Year’s Eve bash that they (and you) are dreaming of?

We’re here to help with that.

We’ve got 5 tips you can follow to ensure that your New Year’s Eve wedding ROCKS.

Here goes!


There’s nothing quite like an elegant New Year’s Eve wedding that’s decked out in sparkles. So go ahead and choose those floor-length gold sparkly bridesmaid dresses. Add a bunch of white lights to your venue. Get those silver sequined tablecloths. Add some gold glitter to your picture frames. On New Year’s Eve, metallic is your friend (okay let’s be honest, metallics are always a bride and groom’s friend). New Year’s Eve is all about the glitz and glam so you can even make a note in your wedding invitations that you’d like your guests to sparkle and shine too.


At a lot of weddings, the headcount tends to dwindle before midnight. That’s not the case for New Year’s Eve weddings because most people are ready to party well into the morning. If you have an earlier daytime ceremony, it can make for a really long day for your wedding guests. We’re not saying it’s a faux pas to do the traditional afternoon ceremony followed by a break before the reception, but New Year’s Eve is a great time to consider having that evening ceremony that leads right into the party. It gives your guests more time to get ready during the day, which could involve hair and makeup, or taking that much needed pre-wedding nap.


Champagne and weddings go hand in hand. Champagne and New Year’s Eve go hand in hand. Put that together and you’ll have a very bubbly New Year’s Eve wedding. There will probably be lots of toasts throughout the reception and lots of people excitedly wanting to “cheers” with their friends well into the night. If ever there was a wedding date when you should consider ordering some complimentary champagne for your guests (or even just making sure the bar is stocked with extra champagne), this is that night. Your guests will thank you for it.


New Year’s Eve is a great time to hire a fun live band that will keep your wedding guests dancing for hours. It’s also a great time to think outside the box in terms of entertainment. You could hire a photo booth or set up your own selfie station with a sparkly background (or those giant numbered balloons!), hire a caricature artist, or even get a magician! You could also include a fun way for guests to write down their New Year’s resolutions to tie your entertainment back to the holiday theme (Pinterest would definitely come in handy for that). We’ve seen all of these ideas come to life at New Year’s Eve weddings we’ve shot in the past and guests were so happy and engaged because of it.


Don’t forget that your New Year’s Eve wedding is also a big night for those holiday-loving guests of yours. So do a little something extra to make the count-down to midnight special for your family and friends. You could have confetti thrown when the clock strikes twelve (we know some places don’t allow for confetti so make sure to check ahead with your wedding venue for approval), you could have a balloon drop, pass around some party hats, glow sticks and sparklers, or go all out and have a fireworks show at midnight (depending on the location of your venue there could already be fireworks happening just outside the building).

The countdown is a great way to end such an exciting day and will ensure that your wedding goes out with a bang.

For this blog post, we used photos from Tiffany and Alex’s New Year’s Eve wedding because it was just such a perfect day and a fun-filled party. It was Tiffany’s 30th birthday, New Year’s Eve, and their wedding, all rolled into one. So they wanted to throw the ultimate bash to celebrate all three occasions – and I can promise you they succeeded. Between the glitz & glam, the beautiful wedding venue (Yellowbelly), the flowing champagne, excellent music, and a super fun balloon drop at midnight, every person in that room had a New Year’s Eve to remember.

Check out the gallery below to see even more photos from their sparkly holiday wedding. They’ll make for some great inspiration if you’re planning your very own New Year’s Eve wedding!

(Click to enlarge for slideshow)




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