When looking back on your wedding day, there are always those few special memories that really stand out above the rest. So for Kelly and Jon’s wedding blog post, I asked them to reflect on some of those moments for us. Kelly and her friends got ready at her parents’ house, and had the most fun, relaxing morning drinking coffee and getting ready.

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When she was ready, we went to First United Church, where Jon was waiting. I always love the first time a bride and groom see each other on their wedding day – no matter where it is, it’s always such a beautiful moment.


“Our favourite part of the day was absolutely the ceremony. It was a perfect balance between sappy and funny. It felt very relaxed and it felt so genuine. It was honestly everything that we had ever pictured our wedding to be. The music was so wonderful and it meant a lot that my friends from choir took the time to learn and practice the songs. Also, our old friend Peter played guitar so it was nice to have an old friend involved in that way!”


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 “Enjoy the day! Relax. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The day is about each other and the fact that you are spending the rest of your lives with your love and best friend. In 20 years will you remember the decorations, the food, and the music? Maybe. But you will most definitely remember how you were feeling as you said “I do.”


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The day was cold, so to warm up after the ceremony we took a little jaunt down to Rocket Bakery – where Kelly and Jon ended up serving their friends from behind the cash register 😉 (big thanks to the awesome staff at Rocket!)

alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-14 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-15 rocket-bakery-wedding-photos alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-17 wedding-photos-at-rocket rocket-bakery-wedding

When we had all warmed up, we went to the gardens of Government House to enjoy the scenery and take some windy photos.

alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-20 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-21 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-22 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-23

When asked what he loves most about Kelly, Jon responded “everything!”
“Your sense of humour…we share all the laughter.” (Aren’t they the sweetest!)

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The reception took place at Woodstock Restaurant – it was my first time shooting a wedding there, but it was fabulous – the dark, intimate setting was perfect for such a beautiful traditional wedding.


Kelly’s dad is a woodworker, and made many of the decor items, including this chest below.


Even though it was bitterly cold out, we all thought it was worth it to take just a couple of minutes to visit nearby Topsail beach. We literally just said ‘walk down there, kiss, then walk back’ – it doesn’t take long, but oceanside walks always make for my favourite photo collections!
alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-31 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-32 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-33

When asked what she loves most about Jon, Kelly said, “there are so many wonderful things to love about Jon. If I had to pick one…I would say how unbelievably caring he is. He is this way towards me, our families and our friends. He is without a doubt the most kind-hearted person I know. It amazes me everyday!”

alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-34 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-35 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-36


alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-41 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-42

“Everyone who spoke at our reception made us laugh! So many funny memories shared! It was so nice to hear all the wonderful things people had to say about us. We know some pretty funny people!”


alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-54 alex-stead-woodstock-wedding-55



Kelly and Jon added, “if you are to invest in one thing on your wedding day, invest in pictures! They last a lifetime.” and when we asked them which photos were their favourites they couldn’t pin it down. “Honestly they are all our favourite. Every single one.” (I promise I didn’t pay them to say that) 😉

Thanks to Kelly and Jon for being such a fun, kind and open couple on their wedding day. And thanks for sharing your favourite moments with us!

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