Laura and Matt are probably the most laid-back couple I’ve ever photographed… we met them the day before the wedding to go over all the details, and had the biggest laugh – I knew it was going to be a good time! They didn’t disappoint – their wedding was full of laughs and sweet moments, and, surrounded by all the people they love, they said ‘I do’ in Laura’s parent’s backyard.

We started the day with the boys, who got ready in an airbnb in the battery. My favourite view! portugal-cove-wedding-1

Matt and Laura’s dad made these together as gifts for the groomsmen – how amazing are they?! portugal-cove-wedding-2 portugal-cove-wedding-3 portugal-cove-wedding-4 portugal-cove-wedding-5 portugal-cove-wedding-6 portugal-cove-wedding-7

After the boys were all ready to go, we met up with the girls who were just doing the finishing touches before the ceremony. Laura’s dress was absolutely stunning! portugal-cove-wedding-8 portugal-cove-wedding-9 portugal-cove-wedding-10 portugal-cove-wedding-11 portugal-cove-wedding-12
portugal-cove-wedding-14 portugal-cove-wedding-15 portugal-cove-wedding-16 portugal-cove-wedding-17 portugal-cove-wedding-18 portugal-cove-wedding-19 portugal-cove-wedding-20 portugal-cove-wedding-21 portugal-cove-wedding-22 portugal-cove-wedding-23 portugal-cove-wedding-24 portugal-cove-wedding-25 portugal-cove-wedding-26 portugal-cove-wedding-27 portugal-cove-wedding-28 portugal-cove-wedding-29 portugal-cove-wedding-30 portugal-cove-wedding-31 With bridal party and parents in tow, we took a little jaunt down to the beach in Portugal Cove for some relaxed portraits with the crew. portugal-cove-wedding-32 portugal-cove-wedding-33 portugal-cove-wedding-34 portugal-cove-wedding-35 portugal-cove-wedding-36 portugal-cove-wedding-37 portugal-cove-wedding-38 portugal-cove-wedding-39 portugal-cove-wedding-40

Then, we ditched the crowd and went for a little walk in the woods to a little cliff I remembered visiting before, but had no photos or anything to show them! Laura and Matt were super trusting and it ended up being one of my favourite ever photo locations – score 🙂 portugal-cove-wedding-41 portugal-cove-wedding-42 portugal-cove-wedding-43 portugal-cove-wedding-44 portugal-cove-wedding-45 portugal-cove-wedding-46 portugal-cove-wedding-47 portugal-cove-wedding-48 portugal-cove-wedding-49 portugal-cove-wedding-50 portugal-cove-wedding-51 portugal-cove-wedding-52 portugal-cove-wedding-53

Laura carried her grandmother’s bible with her bouquet all day – a lovely touch to remember someone so special. portugal-cove-wedding-54 portugal-cove-wedding-55 portugal-cove-wedding-56

When we were done photos, we returned to see the reception tent all ready to go and the party in full swing! The decor was seriously beautiful, with so many personal details. portugal-cove-wedding-57 portugal-cove-wedding-58 portugal-cove-wedding-59 portugal-cove-wedding-60 portugal-cove-wedding-61 portugal-cove-wedding-62

These napkins are probably the best thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding, hands-down. So cute!! Everyone was talking about them. portugal-cove-wedding-63 portugal-cove-wedding-64 portugal-cove-wedding-65 portugal-cove-wedding-66 portugal-cove-wedding-67 portugal-cove-wedding-68 portugal-cove-wedding-69 portugal-cove-wedding-70 portugal-cove-wedding-71 portugal-cove-wedding-72 portugal-cove-wedding-73 portugal-cove-wedding-74

Thank you both for choosing us to capture your wedding – we had the best day!


Alex and Alex

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