This summer we traveled to Pasadena to shoot Mara and Al’s backyard wedding. We had the absolute best time and I still get starry-eyed thinking back on it. Mara and Al are so in love that it’s infectious, and they certainly know how to throw a great party. Their wedding was DIY done right. They invested in all the right things to make for an unforgettable and extremely unique wedding experience for themselves and their guests. There was macramé, a canoe full of beer, an outdoor smoking corner made from wood pallets and beautiful cushions, a screech-in, and fireworks (just to name some of the cool highlights). It was a perfect day and we all had so much fun!

I could probably write a whole novel about this wedding and how much I loved it, but I think I’ll just show you the pictures because they can tell the story for me. You’ll see what I mean when I say it was a DIY success!

Thank you so much to Mara and Al for letting us share in your amazing wedding day and hiring us to capture the beautiful love you two have.

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