Aug 31, 2016
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When things work out just as they are supposed to, life is beautiful.

Myra and Coreen are the sweetest, most in love couple I have ever worked with and I have described their Botwood wedding as one of the coolest I have ever shot in my life.

Here are the highlights of their day.
m-c-1 m-c-2 m-c-3 The emotional day started out with a first look  in front of their home – the house originally belonged to Myra’s grandparents and become the sweet family home it is now.m-c-4

The flowers were all stunningly put together by Myra’s sister in law, who is a florist and gardener at Dean’s Greenhousesm-c-5 m-c-6 m-c-7 m-c-8 m-c-9 m-c-10 m-c-11 m-c-12 m-c-13 m-c-14 m-c-15 To make the day flow smoothly and maximize the gorgeous late afternoon light, we photographed the couple with their family and friends prior to the ceremony and reception.  m-c-16 m-c-17 m-c-18 m-c-19 m-c-20 m-c-21 m-c-22 m-c-23 m-c-24 m-c-25
m-c-27 It was threatening to rain all day, but thankfully it held off! The rain clouds made for some pretty cool photos regardless 🙂
m-c-30 m-c-28 m-c-29

With photos taken, everyone was anxious to see these two get married so we headed back to the Botwood Motorcycle Club where the decor was absolutely among the nicest and most unique I have seen, by Forever Yours Wedding Planning (along with tons of quirky souvenirs courtesy the Clubhouse!). m-c-52m-c-33
m-c-35 m-c-36 m-c-37 m-c-42 m-c-41 m-c-40 m-c-39 m-c-38 m-c-43 m-c-44 m-c-45 m-c-46 m-c-47 m-c-53
m-c-51 m-c-50 m-c-49 m-c-54 m-c-55 And then it was time!!! m-c-56 m-c-57 m-c-58
m-c-61 m-c-60 m-c-59

After they had hugged all the people, we went for a short little walk down the road so they could take some time to enjoy each other’s company before the night got into full swing. m-c-63m-c-64 m-c-65 m-c-66 m-c-67 m-c-68

m-c-70 m-c-69Thank you so much Myra and Coreen for having us as part of your big day! We had so much fun and I am glad we had the chance to meet you and your families!

Much Love,
The Alexes

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