I’m a wedding photographer, and part of that comes with being part of ‘the wedding industry’. And within that industry, one thing that I see come up super often is this statement: “It’s your day, do what you want”. Companies create ads, convince people to spend more money than they have, and push people into making decisions that hurt those around them with that statement.

And yes – it’s a day that you’ve dreamt of, and of course you need to make decisions that make you happy. You can’t be pulled around by the ears and talked into a vision of a day that is nothing like what you imagined 😉

But outside of that, I pretty heartily disagree with it.

Here’s why.

This day is not all about you.

1. At the absolute heart of it – this day is really about bringing two families together.2015-07-20_0019

2. It’s about joining with your best friend in a lifelong journey.first-look-newfoundland-wedding-

3. It’s about singing, and dancing, and hugging ALL the people.2015-07-02_0035

4. It’s about throwing away tradition when it doesn’t make sense – and holding on tight to it when it’s important to you and your loved ones.2015-09-25_0015

5. It’s about doing all the silly things that will make people look back and smile.screech-in-newfie-wedding

6. It’s about holding tight to those people who you know won’t be with you much longer … newfoundland-photographers7. … and creating ways to honour those who should be with you, but aren’t.2015-07-02_0012

8. It’s all about love.2015-02-11_0061

So instead of listening to those who say “Do what you want, it’s your day!” replace that statement with “This day is all about creating the absolute best memories with my favourite people” and see if it affects the way you think about planning.

Much love,







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