Planning a Couples Adventure

Not only can you use these photos to create some pretty epic artwork for your walls (and let’s be honest, some awesome Instagram posts) years from now you can look back and appreciate the memory in full detail. I recommend packing a backpack with a blanket, your favourite beer or some champagne, and going on a nice walk on your favourite trail.

Alex did our engagement pictures in Quidi Vidi and we were blown away with how beautifully they turned out! My now husband and I are not the lovey-dovey type; in fact, we’re pretty awkward in front of a camera. Lucky for us, making awkward people look madly in love seems to be Alex’s specialty! 🙂 -Brenda

Picking a Location: Where Do We Go?

Picking a location for your shoot is my jam. We’ll start by figuring out what sort of look you’re going for, and maybe an activity you’d like to plan your shoot around. From that starting point, I’ll recommend some places that I think would be a perfect setting.

A lot of couples love to go for a hike on a gorgeous cliffside, or do a little tour of some of the more scenic, colourful gems of Newfoundland. We can also go for a casual stroll through downtown, stopping at your favourite cafes and watering holes, or plan for a fire on a secluded beach just outside of town or in the woods. Once we’ve got an idea of the direction you want to go, we can focus on narrowing down the locations. I’ve got dozens of spots that meet every activity or vision and location. We’ll also take into consideration whether you have a car and can travel out of town, or need to get a taxi or are walking, in which case we’ll keep it close to the downtown area.

Planning Your Outfits: Should We Match?

For clothing, it’s ideal to bring two outfits; one a little more casual, and one a little more formal. If you don’t want to fully change, you can just bring a sweater, scarf, or jacket to mix it up to give your images some variety.

Ideally, for women-identifying folks a flowey dress or skirt that will sway in the wind is perfect, or a simple dress-shirt, jeans, and long dress coat for colder weather.

For male-identifying folks a sharp button-down shirt, jeans or khakis, and a wool sweater to change into are great, or a casual blazer if you’re feeling fancy.

Simple and classic t-shirt and jeans is always in style for any gender with a casual jacket or simple cable-knit sweater. You can also keep it easy and wear your most comfortable everyday outfit so it’s truly a slice of who you are right now.

You look your best when you feel comfortable in your skin, and that should always be priority.

Local shops to find great outfits: Ethereal Boutique, Model Citizens, Civic Duty


We were very nervous about being awkward but Alex made it fun and we got EXACTLY the pictures we wanted. – Jasmine

But what if we’re not models?

So many couples are nervous about doing a shoot but end up finding it a really fun experience. You’re not going to wal-mart’s photo studio – you’re going for a walk with your best friend somewhere really cool. After a couple of minutes of hanging out it’s easy to forget that you’re doing a photo shoot. I’m a laid-back person, and we won’t do anything that feels uncomfy. After getting to know each other over a coffee or beer, we’ll go on a hike or a walk downtown. As we mosey along, you’ll hear me say things like:

  • walk in that direction and enjoy the view… ok, cool, come back this way!
  • hug! so big you feel squat!
  • go over on that rock and drink your beers
  • oh look, some blueberries – let’s pick them together’.

There’s no awkward posing or modelling – it’s all very chill and will feel normal once we get into it.

It’s a great idea to plan your shoot as part of a date night. Get your hair and makeup done or get a fresh cut and shave, bring a backpack with some drinks from Quidi Vidi Brewery or a picnic from Rocket Bakery, and make reservations at a restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to (Mallard Cottage or Yellowbelly are two of my favourites!) You’ll look and feel amazing – and it’s a great time to celebrate and enjoy an evening out after getting pampered. If you can, plan for a little bit of time in between your photo shoot and your reservation to give yourself time to go back to your hotel to freshen up – the wind in Newfoundland is no joke and you’ll probably want to do a really quick touch-up of your hair before heading out to George Street for the night.

Within minutes of meeting her, she feels like a friend that you’ve known forever. We’re both incredibly awkward and not particularly photogenic, but Alex kept us relaxed and captured beautiful photos that I wouldn’t have thought possible. We’re over the moon about the first few shots she’s sent along, and can’t wait to see the rest! – Mira