Let’s go on an adventure.

I want your grass-stains, your jam hands, your beautiful imperfections. I want to capture the moments in between. Let’s go beyond the picture-perfect and get to the picture-wonderful. The photos that will make you laugh so hard you snort and make you cry with nostalgia in 10 years when your little ones are all grown up.

We’ll still get a nice photo for nan’s fridge! But more than that, we’ll capture a moment in time that you can look back on years from now and say: yes, that was, and is, us. Our beautiful, wild, rambunctious crowd that I love with my whole heart.

What’s an adventure session?

Adventure sessions capture the moments in between. It’s less about how you look, and more about capturing genuine memories that you can look back on for years to come.

This session is a small snapshot of your life, right now, with all the messy imperfections that make your family wonderful.

“Alex knows how to capture candid moments in the most natural way possible, and she has an incredible eye for detail. She is the absolute salt of the earth, on top of being extraordinarily talented as well as professional. Her photos are down to earth, unique and totally timeless.” – Pamela

So how does it work?

We’ll chat beforehand and come up with a plan together; for some families, this looks like an afternoon baking cookies and playing in the backyard. For others, a picnic on your favourite trail while the kids dip their bare feet in the ocean, or it can be everyone getting together for the first time in over a year to hug nan at the family cabin.

Can we bring my nan / cousins / everyone I love (within Covid limits)?

You can bring whoever you’d like! To make sure that you have enough time to capture the sweet candid moments, I offer a session specifically for extended families. These sessions allow for enough time for everyone to get a photo with nan or pop, as well as individual photos of all the smaller groupings. Please be aware: there is a LOT of laughing and sharing of memories involved.

Extended adventure sessions make a great addition to family gatherings after this long year apart, and are one of my favourite types of sessions to photograph!

Please let me know beforehand how many people to expect and approximate ages/mobility, as we will plan our location around the amount of folks who will be there and their ability to maneuver around the terrain.

“Our photos are absolutely stunning and we will cherish them forever.” -Krystle


Where are you located?

I’m based in St. John’s, but I will have sessions available in both St. John’s and Twillingate. I love exploring the place you call home with all of your people; whether that’s your immediate family in your backyard or visiting Nan’s place around the bay with the whole crowd is up to you.

How much is this?

Sessions start at $390 + tax for the location of your choice. You get the option of a full digital gallery or a selection of prints for your walls. You can go ahead and book, or if you’d like, I can send you a detailed pricing guide if you’re looking for something outside the box (say, you want your session at nan’s cabin out of town, or you’d like to add a nice album).

How much time should we plan for?

This completely depends, and is one of the main reasons I love to chat before you book your package! Older kids (in the 2 through 92 age range) thrive when we go for a adventure that includes ice cream, a picnic, or berry picking. With experience, I’ve come to realize that about 45 minutes is the perfect amount of time to capture a lot of great candid moments without it feeling either too rushed or too long. For multi-generational extended family sessions, 90 minutes or more ensures that everyone gets some one-on-one time hugging nan.

If you have very tiny babies, I’d recommend waiting until they’re a teeny bit bigger. Not so big that they can drive themselves to the photoshoot; but ideally, able to sit up on their own. I am happy to recommend someone who may be a better fit for you right now if your little one is not quite there yet.

My children are high energy / always have jam-hands / cry a lot / hate strangers. Can we still get nice pictures?

We have fun around here! I embrace chaos and encourage all sorts of personalities to shine. Most kids (and adults), even ones who start off on the wrong foot, tend to leave the session asking if I can come with them for ice cream.

The answer is always yes.

Sticky fingers and grass-stained knees make for the best stories.

“She is amazing at recognizing and capturing the little moments of love in between the poses.” – Lisa

We’re in, what’s next?

If you’d like to book a slot in my calendar, please use the button below to choose your spot. Sessions book up quickly and only a limited number are available.

If you have more questions, please feel free to email me at info@alexsteadphotos.com and we can make a customized plan for your family.