So you have a great camera…

Where is it now? (No shame!)

⊗ It’s in a drawer

⊗ It’s in a closet

⊗ I’m not even sure where it is, but it’s probably collecting dust somewhere

Do you wish you could be the kind of person who just knows how to get a great shot at a family gathering? Be proud of sharing the images you take?

Or, more simply, do you need a crash course on what the friggin buttons do?

“HOLY MOLY! I did not know what I did not know.. I’m pretty sure I watched the 15 minute crash course with my jaw on the floor! I have owned my Canon Rebel for more than 10 years and didn’t know anything about the settings.” – Emily

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a camera?

While you can do this course without owning a camera, you will definitely get more out of it if you have one! To get the most out of it, you should have a camera that has a manual mode on it (on the top, it will have a little dial wheel that has either a big M or a MV)

What if my camera is old?

That’s ok! As long as your camera has manual settings, you’re fine.

How long does this course take?

This course can be done in under 15 minutes. It’s a quick and dirty introduction to getting your camera off of auto mode!

Do you offer a refund?

This course does not come with a refund. However, if you are unhappy with your product, please send me a message.

Is this course for beginners?

100%! This course is geared towards beginners. If you’re the kind of person who barely takes their camera out of the bag because you’re not sure what the buttons do… this crash course was made precisely for you.

How long do I have access to the crash course?

You will have access to this course for 90 days. I’ll give you a heads up 2 weeks before the course expires to remind you!

Do you offer any one to one instruction or more in-depth classes?

I do! You can purchase my Learn to Love Your Camera Course after you’ve added this one to your cart. The full course includes 7 modules and covers EVERYTHING you need to know to become a better photographer.