So you have a great camera…

Where is it now? (No shame!)

⊗ It’s in a drawer

It’s in a closet

I’m not even sure where it is, but it’s probably collecting dust somewhere

Do you wish you could be the kind of person who just knows how to get a great shot at a family gathering? Be proud of sharing the images you take? Or, more simply, do you need a crash course on what the friggin buttons do?

Join us now in the Learn to Love Your Camera course!

What if, in the span of a couple of hours you could learn exactly how to take a great photo?

This course takes the fear out of photography.

You’ll learn how to take much better pictures with the camera you already own.

Here’s what I know about you:

You have a great eye. You know that you have it within you to take good photographs! But…

A. You were really excited about getting into photography, and then quickly got overwhelmed with the amount of information out there

B. Occasionally you’ll luck into a decent shot, but you can’t always guarantee you’ll get the same results because you’re not sure what you did to get it in the first place

C. You just use your iPhone because it’s easier, even though you know the quality isn’t as good

Which leads to the following:

A. Your camera regularly stays in the closet/drawer/collecting dust because it’s too much trouble and often frustrating to figure out

B. You feel kind of guilty because you (or someone who believes in you) spent all that money on a good camera, but it doesn’t really get used

“There’s so much to learn when it comes to photography. Alex broke down all the information and made it easier to understand. I’m eager to take what I’ve learned and apply it! “- Jillian 

Here’s exactly what this course covers:

Plus These Bonuses:

“This class helped take the fear out of my camera!” – Carolyn

I’m Alex Stead.

I remember the day I got my first ‘fancy’ camera and excitedly tried to figure out how to make it work – only to realize that I didn’t know where to put the memory card.

That was 14 years ago and I still remember that feeling of desperation. I wanted to know how to take one good picture without trial and error, but I was so overwhelmed with how much I had to learn. It felt like everywhere I looked there was some sort of photography training being offered, but when I got the guts to tune in, none of it made sense for where I was or what I needed.

I couldn’t move forward because I didn’t have the knowledge of how to make my camera work for me and I spent way too much time in frustration, trying to figure it all out alone.

After much trial and error and endless hours, I finally figured it out!This led me to eventually build a thriving photography business, and now my client list includes Maclean’s Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Global News, CBC, and many other places both online and in print. I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, thousands of families, and I’ve helped over 100 budding photographers fall in love with their camera.

I’m now a photographer, content creator, and photography instructor who uses my combined skills to help people who are ready to learn.


Are you ready to take the leap?

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to not be afraid of your camera. I’ll teach you just what I wish I had known when I got my first camera. We make it easy and fun, coming up with new ways for you to truly LOVE getting your camera out and taking the pictures you’ve always wished you could take.

“I took Alex’s “Learn to Love your Camera” class and she was a treat! As somebody with no prior knowledge of the camera world and it’s lingo, she laid it out perfectly for a beginner like me and I learned a lot. Alex’s understanding of her clients and their needs truly sets her apart. 11/10 recommend her classes.” – Shannelle

In this course, we’ll get you from the before to the after.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a camera?

While you can do this course without owning a camera, you will definitely get more out of it if you have one! To get the most out of all the modules, you should have a camera that has a manual mode on it (on the top, it will have a little dial wheel that has either a big M or a MV)

What if my camera is old?

That’s ok! As long as your camera has manual settings, you will be able to take good pictures with it after this course. If, after going through the modules, you realize that you’d like an upgrade, I have a bonus PDF guide to buying like a pro; you may just need a new lens rather than an entire new camera system.

How long does this course take?

This course can be done in approximately 3 hours. You can do it all at once, or space it out!

Do you offer a refund?

If you finish all the modules within two weeks of purchase and you don’t feel like you’ve learned enough for it to be worth your investment, I will happily refund your money.

Is this course for beginners?

100%! This course is geared towards beginners. If you’re not a beginner, you’ll likely still get some good nuggets out of it, but if you’re the kind of person who barely takes their camera out of the bag because you’re not sure what the buttons do… this course was made precisely for you.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to this course for 90 days. I’ll give you a heads up 2 weeks before the course expires to remind you!

Do you offer any one to one instruction?

I do! You can add on a one-on-one meeting to your course if you’d like to go deeper. You can book either a 20 minute or 1 hour one-on-one with me via zoom where I can either help you figure out a specific problem or get more in-depth on something you want to learn.