February 16, 2020

Wildest places to elope in Newfoundland and labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Elopement Destinations

When it comes to planning your Newfoundland and Labrador elopement, there are SO MANY amazing options. Newfoundland and Labrador is known for its colourful houses, breathtaking ocean views, and rugged terrain. Whether you’re hoping for a fun day spent wandering historic downtown with your love and stopping into a shed for a screech-in, or a completely private elopement on the coast, Newfoundland is the place for you! 


If you like the idea of feeling like you’re on the set of an adorable and slightly unrealistic Canadian rom-com, Trinity is where you should elope in Newfoundland. The town of Trinity is located on the Bonavista Peninsula. The area is made up of a series of small towns that are all quite close together. Because of this, you can plan a great weekend getaway and see quite a lot. Tickle Cove Sea Arch, The Dungeon, and Spillars Cove are amazing scenic attractions within a short drive from Trinity. All the little towns along the way make for great backdrops as well!

The Artisan Inn is a fabulous place to stay and eat, and Port Rexton Brewery has the best drinks and the beer garden is a great place to meet new people! Bonavista Social Club is a wonderful restaurant that serves up local dishes. 


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Twillingate is an island that contains a cluster of small towns hugging the coast. They all have great names too: Wild Cove, Durrell, Sleepy Cove, and Nanny’s Hole are just a few places you can elope!

The island has amazing ocean views and is the best place to see icebergs and whales in the province. You can spend your time buying fish right from the wharf, hike the trails around the island’s perimeter, take a boat tour, or explore the abandoned Lower Little Harbour where you can find historic remnants and a sea arch. 

Twillingate has a great vibe; it’s relaxed, it’s quiet, but there’s still lots to do. The town has great food options, such as Canvas Cove Bistro and the Crow’s Nest; there are tons of gorgeous AirBnbs in the area that all offer panoramic views, including the one in the image below. 

Fogo Island

Fogo Island is well-known for its amazing architecture, food, and arts’ scene. While getting to Fogo Island can be an experience in and of itself, the trip is well worth it. Fogo Island is close to Twillingate and is reachable by ferry or helicopter.

Fogo Island is the home of the world-renowned Fogo Island Inn, the town of Tilting, a Unesco Heritage Site, and some of the best food on the island. If you’re interested in a trip of a lifetime, Fogo Island should be at the top of your list!

Gros Morne National Park

There is so much to do and see in Gros Morne!  Fjords, waterfalls, the barren Tablelands, wildlife… It’s a nature lover’s dream. You can easily fly into Deer Lake and stay on the west coast for your whole trip and still barely scratch the surface. There’s tons of accommodations, breweries, great food, and lots of things to do. 

I’ve written an entire guide just to Gros Morne; if you’re interested, you can check it out by clicking this link. 

St. John’s

I live in the capital city of St. John’s (yes, in a teeny jellybean house!) and it’s a city that feels like a small town. Everyone knows everyone, and on your wedding day, it would be considered rude not to stop into a ‘stage’ (a fishing shack) for a drink and a ‘scuff’ (your first dance, of course). 

St. John’s is extremely picturesque, easy to get around, and you can have your pick of wedding day adventures. You also don’t need a car to get around the city as we have ample cabs and public transportation. 

For your elopement, you have lots of scenic options: Signal Hill and The Narrows, Cape Spear, Quidi Vidi, and of course the East Coast Trail. If you’re looking for amazing views off the beaten path, Torbay Point is a great place to hike near the city but feel like you’re in Lord of the Rings. Blackhead is another similar option with no hiking required – just step out of the car onto the rocks.

Battle Harbour, Labrador

And finally – if you really want to go somewhere wild, Battle Harbour, Labrador is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever travelled to. It’s a teeny tiny island community off of the coast of Labrador. In the past few years, a trust has taken over the island and restored the old homes and buildings and you can stay there for a night or a week. You need to take two ferries to get there, there’s no cell phone, internet – or even roads. It’s one of the most delightful places I’ve ever been.

Getting to Newfoundland and Labrador


You can fly into St. John’s, Gander, or Deer Lake. The cost of flying into Deer Lake from Toronto is approximately $650 per-person each way. You’ll want to rent a car as getting around the province without a vehicle is not ideal (it is possible, but not recommended). There are lots of car rental options at all of our airports. 


You can take the ferry across from North Sydney to Port Aux Basques. The cost is approximately $200 each way for two people and a vehicle. The ferry takes approximately 9 hours to cross the channel. Once in Port Aux Basques, it is a 3-hour drive to Gros Morne National Park, 5 to Twillingate, 7 to Bonavista, or a 10-hour drive to St. John’s.

If you are already on the island of Newfoundland, Gros Morne is approximately a 7-hour (very scenic) drive from St. John’s, our capital city. Making a trip of Newfoundland is well worth the drive, as there are many beautiful spots along the way. I recommend giving yourself at least a week in the province, but ideally 10-14 days to make the most of your trip. 

Ready to Plan Your Newfoundland and Labrador Elopement? Here’s Your Next Steps

I hope this guide was useful! If you’re ready to start planning your Newfoundland elopement, you can contact me by using the contact link below. Send me a message with some approximate dates and a little bit about the sort of elopement you’d like to have, and from there, I’m happy to be your tour guide and help you plan the rest, including suggesting places to stay, itineraries, and other vendors. 


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