a wedding couple stands in front of a volkswagen westfalia in front of colourful houses (yellow, blue, teal) on jellybean row, downtown st. john's, nl
wedding photographer twillingate
a wedding couple walks through a field near the ocean while her dress blows in the wind. Wedding in bay roberts, newfoundland
A wedding couple runs on a wharf, laughing at each other. In the background are the cliffs of the St. John's Battery with all the colourful houses. It's a bright sunny day and they are laughing.
fall wedding newfoundland
Bridesmaids in blush pink help a bride get ready by doing up her dress. They all have floral crowns on and are in a light room.
A bride and groom walk in a field of wildflowers - it is dusk, and they are looking at each other. The sky is orange, and in the background the lights of St. John's harbour are twinkling.
A couple stands in front of an ocean in Quidi Vidi embracing, shortly before getting married. Her dress has a lace back and she is holding flowers in one hand. The waves are rushing.
A newly married couple sits in a canoe in the ocean. He is holding an oar and her arm is around her neck. They are both laughing. In Embree, Newfoundland
A bride leads her groom up a hill. He is holding her bouquet and her dress is hiked up. In the background is St. John's Harbour.
A groom is kissing a bride on the cheek. They are on Topsail beach, with two big rocks behind them. It is sunset and the water is beautiful and soft; Bell Island is behind them wrapped in the pink of the sky.
fogo twillingate elopement
A bride and her bridesmaids (and bridesman) are looking at each other and laughing in a forest.
Two brides are embracing while sitting on a rock. One has a dress with an open back, the other has a lace and tulle dress. Quidi Vidi Village is behind them, the ocean has soft, pink waves.
The image is black and white. A bride is in a shed holding a large bouquet - she is laughing loudly and looking out of the frame. A window is behind her and old wooden barrels around her.
A couple sits in a doorway that leads to nowhere while the doors are wide open - they are on the top floor of a red stage, and the image is looking up at them as they kiss. Around them is ocean and cliffs.
A couple is holding hands while walking - the image is taken from the neck down so you cannot see their faces. The bride's dress is dragging on the ground. In the distance is ocean.
A groom is holding onto a bride as she laughs and fixes her hair. They are standing on the Torbay Point portion of the east coast trail, with the fingers of the rocks fading away behind them.
A couple are walking on a long rock in the ocean near Blackead, NL. It is foggy and the sky is a deep purpley-blue.
A bride and bridesmaids are walking on a grassy field with Quidi Vidi Village in the background. Some of them are not wearing shoes. They are all holding bouquets and wearing maroon dresses. They are all laughing and looking at each other.
A couple stands on the edge of the greying wharf. The bride's veil is blowing in the wind, puffy clouds are behind them and the ocean is a bright, bright blue.
A wedding couple are on the deck of the Fogo Island Inn, looking at each other while the bride's long veil is blowing. The deck is built in such a way that they are inside a square cut-out with a grey sky behind.
A couple stands back-on watching fireworks in the sky at the end of their wedding day in Pasadena, Newfoundland.